These products are being developed in accordance with Acceptance Testing Procedure (ATP) issued by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and followed by DRAP.



N-Saviour is cost effective and indigenously produced ventilator for ICU and Non-ICU based settings. This ventilator supports invasive as well as non-invasive with volume and pressure-based ventilation along with 3 hour battery backup time.


TRACKER is a sterile, single use, flexible tube designed to be used in diagnostic angiography to inject a fluorescent media into the vessels to detect any kind of blockage. It is available in various shapes for targeting different areas around the heart.


NUST-PAPR, Powered Air Purifying Respirator, is cost effective, portable and active personal protective equipment used by health care professionals and frontline workers in hazardous environments to safeguard them against contaminated air. Easy donning and doffing, higher assigned protection factor than N95 and N99 masks makes it perfect to use in contagious environments.


These products are being developed in accordance with Acceptance Testing Procedure (ATP) issued by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and followed by DRAP.


Continuing its mission to ensure self-reliance, NHT has also indigenously developed production and testing machines for its cardiac products. Built as per international standards of quality, these machines save significant capital otherwise spent on import. These products have been developed at the NHT Research Wing and include:

Stent and Catheter Pushability & Trackability Testing Machine

Developed for evaluating stent & catheter system's capability of tracking through a tortuous mock arterial path, which simulates the human vascular pathway during angioplasty procedure, while recording real-time resistive forces ensued by the device

Stent Visual Inspection System

A camera-based inspection equipment for quality control testing of stents with ease of use and optimal precision. This equipment enables the regular monitoring of the complete morphology of stents at a good speed and accuracy.

2-Visual inspection
Catheter Contact Coating Machine

Ultra-thin High Precision Catheter Hydrophilic Polymer Coating Machine A contact-based coating machine developed specifically for precision coating of targeted regions of catheters with an ultra-thin hydrophilic polymer layer

Stent Drug Coating Machine

based on Ultrasonic Atomisation Developed for coating a very fine thin layer of the drug on the surface of a bare metal stent. Sonicating jet consists of very small atomised drug particles formed through ultrasonication at high frequencies and released through a nozzle, to be distributed evenly on the metal platform.

Stent Fatigue Testing Machine

Developed for static, dynamic, and fatigue tests to evaluate the sturdiness of raw materials, components or finished products. These machines conduct tests by measuring the force put onto the sample over many cycles until the sample fails

Stent Electropolishing Machine

Developed to smoothen out the surface of a stent with rough and edgy geometry by polishing it in an electropolishing bath.

Catheter Contact Coating

Ultra-thin High Precision Catheter Spray Coating Machine A contactless spray coating system designed specifically for targeted coating of Angioplasty Balloon Catheters with different medical grade coating solutions, delivering an ultra- fine coated layer

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